Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate in Mexico


Can I own Property in Baja Mexico?

Yes, you can own property securely and safely in Baja, Mexico through a real estate trust instrument called a Fideicomiso. A Fideicomiso is a Real Estate Bank Trust. You will own the exact “bundle of rights,” that you own in your U.S. property. Many investors, retirees or individuals looking for a vacation home are unaware of the major changes in Mexican Constitutional Law enacted in 1992 that enables foreigners and their heirs, without probate, to safely own property in Baja and the rest of Mexico in easy to renew 50 year periods, via a renewable trust.


Why should  I consider La Paz or Todos Santos when considering a vacation or retirement home?

There are many reasons to consider the La Paz  or Todos Santos area for your vacation or retirement home. The Baja Sur and The Gulf of California offers spring like conditions 8 to 9 months out of the year. La Paz offers a very low cost of living and an active international community of Americans, Canadians and Europeans.  Todos Santos offers an exceptional micro-climate that offers an average temperature of 86 degrees year around.


Can I get title insurance in Mexico?

Yes, you can get title insurance when purchasing real estate in Mexico and it is suggested that you do so. We have worked with First American Title Insurance Company and have obtained a master insurance policy on all property in our Bahia Vista and Esencia developments.


Why should I consider owning property in Baja Mexico now?

Five million Baby Boomers are now turning 50 years old each year and are heading for retirement. Articles from the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Money Magazine among others are predicting and have been reporting that many of these Baby Boomers are buying real estate in the Baja at a record pace and are likely to increasingly do so for the next ten years. The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals estimate that the number of Americans who will own new homes in Mexico within the next 20 years will leap from 1.5 million to 20 million.


Is La Paz and Todos Santos safe for foreigners?

Yes Baha Sur has one of the lowest crime rates of any of the 32 states of Mexico. La Paz also has one of the highest levels of education and income per capita of any city in Mexico. There are few places anywhere that offer the safety and security for foreigners that Baja Sur property owners enjoy. You will feel comfortable walking the streets day or night.


Can I own a business in La Paz or Todos Sanos?

Yes, you can own and run a business! Foreigners are allowed to own 100% of a Mexican Corporation and can own a business. We can easily facilitate all of the legal paperwork for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.


How can I visit and inspect the Baja Sur Properties developments?

We can easily assist you with a visit to Todos Santos or La Paz and provide a tour of our developments. We can assist you with an airport pick up, helping you rent a car and with discounted hotel accommodations. Please contact us so we may help you with your arrangements.


What does Baja Sur Properies offer?

We have a staff of architects, attorneys, engineers and sales professionals that can handle every aspect of your project including the home site purchase, all legal real estate title services, architectural design, quality crafted home construction, interior design and landscaping all at a very affordable price.